Eligibility Criteria:

The Janine Williams Scholarship is open to:
  • Residents of the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Individuals who are accepted to/or are enrolled in any Canadian University or College.
  • Students majoring in a science (e.g., life sciences, social sciences, etc.) or health-related field.
  • Students currently holding an academic standing of B/70% or above.
  • Individuals demonstrating leadership and community service.
Family members of Tropicana Community Services employees are eligible for the Janine Williams Memorial Scholarship.

The Following must be completed and received by the application deadline:

  1. A 500–800-word essay which includes:
    • A brief biography.
    • For post-secondary applicants: An explanation of your long-term goals once your studies are complete.
    • For post-graduate applicants: An outline on how your proposed research activity and results will benefit you, your family, and the community. Include suggestions as to how you might be able to present your research results to Tropicana Community Services and their members (sharing a final paper or abstract or making a presentation).
  2. Your school transcripts.
  3. Your academic budget, showing all expected costs and funding. 
  4. Proof of any relevant achievements such as certificates, photos, news clippings, a confirmation letter from a credible source, etc.
  5. Two letters of reference from non-relatives.
  6. A letter of acceptance or a proof of enrollment from a recognized college or university.
  7. Any other documents that will help support this application.

Applications & supporting documents must be mailed to:

Application is administered through Tropicana Community Services - Janine Williams Memorial Scholarship

EMAIL questions or comments: